Hey, That’s My Drink

10 Mar Hey, That’s My Drink

I was having lunch with my client, David, the other day at a place with free refills. Nothing fancy but good food. But one of the things they had was narrow tables.

We were having a good conversation and noticed that my drink was empty. I was getting up to get a refill when David said, “Hey, that’s my drink.”

Sure enough, my drink was sitting to my left and was still full. He and I had been drinking from the same straw. And he has small kids who are always getting sick. So far I’m okay.

I ended up refilling his drink for him and got a new straw and lid. It was a major goof but was we had a laugh. Had it been with a new client it may have been awkward but I’d been doing work for him for six years and have helped him grow his business from $50K per year to over a million this past year.

I’d like to hear about funny/awkward times you’ve had with your client. You can do so in the comment box below.

Photo credit: khengsiong via Foter.com / CC BY-NC

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