Funny Biz Staff Team


Employee of the Month: Bjorn Frei – Swedish Lion Tamer

Use these staff names to make your company look bigger than it actually is. I put this on my business website and one of the business directories pulled all these people in as staff members of my company. Each person was handpicked for their special skills:

Yassar Itsdown

Canya Hold

Otto Focus

Dr. Dee Niel

I. Spinn, M.D.

Bill Twise

Bjorn Frei

Les Apt

Terry Fairwell

Payn 2 U

Yu Sing Phlat

Misty Memry

Scott Free

Anna Logg

Hugh Clash

Network Administrator



Chief Psychologist

Public Relations

Accounts Receivable

Swedish Lion Tamer

R&D Specialist

Retirement Coordinator

Hip Hop Chiropractor

Vietnamese Choir Director


Defense Attorney

Cell Phone Coordinator