Archaeologists Confirm the Apostle Paul Rarely Wrote Home

08 Feb Archaeologists Confirm the Apostle Paul Rarely Wrote Home

TARSUS, TURKEY – Archaeologists working on a site in the ancient city of Tarsus believe they have found  evidence the Apostle Paul, originally named Saul, neglected to let his parents know what was going on in his life.

Archaeologists have come across what can reasonably be concluded was a local newspaper in the form of a scroll. They have translated the periodical’s name as The Tarsus Times.

In the Celebrity section, there was an interview with Saul’s father, Mortie. No last name was mentioned. Here is a portion of the translated interview:

“Saul was a good boy – always attending to his studies, staying kosher, circumcised on the eighth day. He truly was a Hebrew of Hebrews,” said Mortie. “His mother was so proud when he became a Pharisee.”

Problems began when he converted to the new religious sect, Christianity.

“He goes out traveling all over the place and we hardly see him, let alone get any communication. He writes the Romans, the Philippians, the Galatians. Would it kill him to write an epistle to his father?”

They have reason to be concerned. Reports have come in that he’s been in prison, beaten with rods, pelted with stones, shipwrecked, was hungry and thirsty. “He could have stopped by Tarsus at any time for a little nosh,” said his father.

“He writes a six-page letter to the Corinthians. No, make that two letters. Not a single letter to his mom and me?”

“The only thing we ever got was a postcard from Athens. He wrote, ‘Hi mom and dad, Am enjoying Athens. The weather’s great and the people are so friendly. Tomorrow I’ll visit a place called Mars Hills – kind of a local tourist spot. Wish you were here. Your son, Saul.’ I think we deserve a little more.”

Little else is known about Paul’s communication to his parents but archaeologists are hopeful they’ll be able to find out more information as they continue their dig.





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